The Lady Chief Justice, the Honourable Attorney-General, Justices of the Superior Courts of Judicature, President, Executives and Members of the Association of Magistrates and Judges Ghana, distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

I am indeed grateful to the President and Executives of AMJG for this invitation to give a goodwill message at this Annual General Meeting.

The theme for this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Association of Magistrates and Judges Ghana, “Restoring the image of the Judiciary” could not have been more opportune bearing in mind the recent occurrences.

In the light of the happenings within the judiciary in the recent past, the public, no doubt, will subject your work and conduct, both in and out of court, to greater scrutiny. I implore you, therefore, to hold on fast to that which is good and worthy.

It does appear that the mutual respect and courtesies, that existed between the Bench and the Bar in times past are on the decline. Although it is not said publicly both parties acknowledge that the relationship is not as it used to be. To put it diplomatically, we are sometimes disrespectful to each other and an effort to restore the image of the Judiciary may well need to begin with both the bench and the bar.

We at the Bar can assure you of our unwavering and continuous support, cooperation and our only expectation will be that you extend to us the courtesies and cordialities due us as officers and practitioners of your courts.

The Bar wishes to reiterate its position as encapsulated in the my speech at the Bar’s recent Annual General Meeting held at Ada: “The GBA will therefore never shirk its duty to take steps to defend and protect the independence and integrity of the Judiciary. We will not countenance the use of social media or any form of media to threaten and mount scurrilous attacks on our judges.” We are very cognisant of the fact that an independent judiciary is the backbone of the rule of law. A judiciary that is protected against all forms of intimidation and interference is the key to securing judicialindependence. The GBA would therefore, as it has always done, do all in its power to protect the independence of the judiciary.

I wish you a very fruitful conference.
God bless the Bench!
God bless the Bar!!
God bless us all!!!

Thank you

Benson Nutsukpui
National President

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