Annual Conference

lawschoolThe Annual Conference of the Ghana Bar Association is the supreme authority of the Association. All resolutions and important decision of the Association must be approved by the Annual Conference and so must all constitutional amendments. At the Annual Conference of the Association, learned papers of academic and professional importance are from time to time presented by eminent members of the legal profession both local and foreign.

Apart from matters affecting the legal profession, the Annual Conference of the Bar discusses problems affecting the nation whether in the political, social, educational, economic or other fields and also international matters and takes decisions on these matters. So important has been the voice of the Ghana Bar Association that various governments of various political hues have attempted at one time or the other to control the Association but none has succeeded. All such efforts have failed. The Ghana Bar Association has continued to maintain its independence of all organs of government and has at all times not failed to oppose governmental measures or measures proposed by the judiciary or the legislature that it considers inimical to democracy or to the larger interests of the people of this country.

Upcoming Events
  • Parliamentary Elections
  • Ghana AIDS Awareness
  • Airport Expansion Summit
  • Worldview Education Fair
  • ICT Infrastructure and release
  • Entertainment Forum 2016
  • Annas Video Release
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